SHERPA Spedition GmbH has been working on the transportation and logistics market since 1979.

   "Sherpa" is a Himalayan load carrier and guide. Despite the quite modest responsibilities that he has, he helps people conquer peaks, carrying their heavy loads with fortitude and choosing the shortest and safest way possible. All his enjoyment and joy of victory he gives as a gift to his clients. Let them consider themselves to be his masters for a while, and let all the rockfalls be blamed on him, - he knows his mission will be duly appreciated on the pinnacle. By delivering your cargo, we assist you in reaching the pinnacle of business success.

   SHERPA Spedition  GmbH  specializes  in   organizing   international   cargo   transportation   by   the   different kinds of transport, offering services to Russian and C.I.S-based transportation and logistics companies, as well as to individual customers. The bulk of the cargo flow, processed by our company, is comprised of combined cargos. They are the most labor-intensive and complicated category of cargos, as one has to work with a large number of senders and customers simultaneously. We try to provide for the transportation of the goods for the entire route from the manufacturer to the consumer, which allows our clients to avail themselves of the low purchasing prices and reduce their cargo transportation expenses.

   Our access to the international transport networks allows us to:

  • Provide you with forwarding agents virtually throughout the world.
  • Offer you competitive prices for the transportation and forwarding services.
  • Successfully overcome any language barriers, customs, and other administrative, cargo transportation-related formalities, offer you the possibility of making payment for the whole of our service package upon completion of the transportation when the customer has received the cargo.
  • Deliver cargos from anywhere in Europe or the rest of the world to our consolidation facilities in the European countries, or carry out only the overseas part of the cargo transportation, conveying cargos from the faraway regions of Europe, America and Asia for their further handover to some other forwarders, whose services our clients need to use.

   The highly qualified personnel of SHERPA Spedition GmbH have extensive experience in and are prepared for dealing with a significant number of transport, customs, and tax formalities both in the sellers', transit, and consignee's countries.